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           GAYDAR... it knows who you are!
    Is he thinking what you're thinking?
             ... Find out with GAYDAR!
    A "Special Friend" detection device.

     With the Gaydar Gun there's no more
      guessing. Simply detect their percentage
        of "gay-ness" with the pull of a trigger!!!

Is he so gay eating fruit cake would be cannibalism???
Does she have a timeshare on the Isle of Lesbos???

Set Gaydar Gun Aim Gaydar Gun Shoot Gaydar Gun It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 Baby!

     1 - SET the gun on MALE or FEMALE
     2 - AIM
     3 - SHOOT!!!

Gaydar Gun Homometer Showing 0% Gay Watch while the all knowing HOMOMETER detects which end of the rainbow they live on - from 0% (they likely can't even spell G-A-Y), all the way up to 100%! Yes, Sugar - so gay their wrists need crutches! And let's not forget those in the middle who feel like the Statue of Liberty... ALL are welcome. God Bless America!
Checking Results of Gaydar Gun to See if Person is Gay Questioning your own sexual identity? End the angst! Shoot yourself with the Gaydar Gun and find out the truth in the privacy of your own home. Don't like the answer? Don't worry! Perhaps it was just a passing thought. You can always aim and shoot again because there are over 650 different oracles of truth living inside the Gaydar Gun! Read them on the screen and listen as the Gun proclaims the readings OUT LOUD and OUT PROUD!
Gaydar Gun Clock View
But wait! There's more! Set the Gaydar Gun on your desk and it turns into a clock! There's even an alarm. Wake up from your power nap to the action-packed Gaydar theme song! It's sure to spice up your day.

There's just no end to the fun
you'll have with your very own


Terry and Jennifer Hiding in Bush with Gaydar Gun (Gay 'Detection' Device) This sleek design even makes you impervious to being spotted during any ambush. WARNING: Knowledge gained from the Gaydar Gun can be life altering. Use with caution!!!

"Finally, a reason for gay people to join the NRA"

... Scott Kearnan, BAY WINDOWS

Still haven't seen our commercials yet?
Just click one of the pictures below

  Gaydar Gun: Bruce the Elf
Bruce the Elf
Gaydar Gun: Beware...
Beware of Richard Simmons!
Gaydar Gun: Granny Get Your Gun!
Granny Get Your Gun!
Gaydar Gun: One Night Stand
One Night Stand
... and yes, this is PG

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